The current collar version is version 3.95

Collar Help ::

Creating Artificial Intelligence Triggers and Commands

The current collar version is version 3.95


1. Adding an Owner [usable by Slave and Primary Owner] [Available via the Menu System]

.add dom
.add owner

or use the Nova Collars
button menu and
select [Add Owner]
(touch or say .menu)

This command scans the immediate area for people and presents a list of them.
You do not need to specify a target as the person you are adding must be near to you.

Click the name of the person that you wish to be added as an owner.
Then select [Primary] or [Secondary]

Only one person may be added this way and becomes your Primary owner
Subsequent people become secondary owners which the Primary can see on the .myslaves pages and remove.

Access by Public or Stranger touching of the collar can be restricted by the Primary.
If allowed, Public/Stranger touching will give [Request Access] or [Take Control] buttons depending on the public access settings.

It is not possible for the collar wearer to add themself as an owner. There are no restrictions on the commands the collar wearer can use if unowned so it is not necessary for them to be able to own themself.

The Primary Owner can see a list of all secondary owners on their web page. They can also freely remove any secondary owners.
Only the Primary Owner and the collar wearer have access to web based information.

A Primary Owner can remove themself from their web page.
A Primary Owner can also sell, trade or transfer ownership to another Primary.
A Secondary Owner can be removed by either the Primary Owner or collar wearer.
GIFTS: If a collar is/was given as a gift, using the 'Buy as Gift' vendor, the Primary owner can not be removed by the slave.
No remove button is available. UNLESS, the slave pays 1/2 the cost of the collar back to the purchaser through wendi Ah for verification. This prevents flippant run-aways after receiving as a gift, and yet also allows for issues of abandonment or abuse.

No owner information is stored in the Nova Collar.
All information relating to who wears the collar and who owns them is stored on our database.
All owner information is therefore shared with all Nova Collars belonging to the collar wearer.
It is NOT possible to operate multiple Nova Collars with different sets of owners.

We will not reveal details on our database to anyone outside of a collar wearer / primary owner relationship.
We will only reveal such information to a primary owner that the collar wearer has permitted by the permissions they have set on their web page.

2. Command Structure [usable by Slave and All Owners]

For ease of use there are several ways commands can be structured. The following are all correct structures for commands:

[whole name] [command] or [command] [whole name] for example jane doe kneel1 or kneel1 jane doe
[initials] [command] or [initials][command] for example jd kneel1 or jdkneel1
[first name] [command] or [command] [first name] for example jane present1 or present1 jane
[use name] [command] or [command] [use name] The Use Name is defined via the online interface and can be set to anything. For example slut present1 or present1 slut
.[command] for example .kneel1
when used by the slave only their collar will respond
when used by the owner all of their slaves wearing Nova collars within range will respond

Use /9 to make commands invisible in the chat window, this can be changed on the .options or .report page
Please note: The the rest of this help file mostly makes use of the .[command] format except in cases where it would make sense to use a command specific to the slave in which case [first name] [command] is used. It is assumed that the owner will use .[command] to address all of their slaves' collars and [first name] [command] to address individual collars.

3. Compound Commands [usable by Slave and All Owners]

The collar has the ability to process multiple commands at once using the 'and' command. There are limits to the amount of information Secondlife scripts can process in one go and there are practical limitations in how long it takes to execute all of the commands.

.[command] and [command]
.[command] and [command] and [command]
for example .goto vanessa and kneel2 or .hug vanessa and kneel2

There are pre-defined compound commands available and these can also be stacked. The hug command for example actually executes .goto [target] and hug [target]. Bear in mind that when stacking multiple compound command togther with 'and' then you can potentially be executing a very complex command.

4. Triggering Animations [usable by Slave and All Owners] [Available via the Menu System]

There are many animations stored in the collar that can be triggered by either the collar wearer or their owner(s). Extra animations can also be added to the collar. Just slide in the anim and use as is with it's name as the trigger or create a trigger command on the fly with the Ai command system.

.anims lists the available animations in the collar
.[animname] triggers the names animation, for example .kneel2 or .present2


cancels the currently playing animation

5. Couples Animations [usable by Slave and All Owner] [Available via the Menu System]

There are many animations stored in the collar that can be triggered by either the collar wearer or their owner(s). Extra animations can also be added to the collar. The value for ~target~ is the first name, full name, partial name or initials of the person that is the triger for the couples animation.

.kiss ~target~ Causes the collar wearer to goto and kiss the target. For example:
.kiss vanessa or .kiss vanessa or .kiss van or .kiss vv
.hug ~target~ Causes the collar wearer to goto and hug the target. For example:
.hug vanessa or .hug vanessa vamp or .hug van or .hug vv

.pet ~target~

Causes the collar wearer to goto and be petted by the target. For example:
.pet vanessa or .pet vanessa vamp or .pet van or .pet vv
.pet2 ~target~ Causes the collar wearer to goto and be petted by the target using an alternate pet animation.
For example:
.pet2 vanessa or .pet2 vanessa vamp or .pet2 van or .pet2 vv
.subhug ~target~ Causes the collar wearer to goto and give a submissive hug to the target. For example:
.subhug vanessa or .subhug vanessa vamp or .subhug van or .subhug vv
.crush ~target~ Causes the collar wearer to goto the target and be crushed under their boot. For example:
.crush vanessa or .crush vanessa vamp or .crush van or .crush vv

Using couples animations automatically moves the avatars towards each other so there is no need to stack them with a goto command.
But you will have to use the 'look at me' rotation first to face each other and align the poses. Must be using RLV to align the avatars with the rotate command.
Use this technique when creating custom ai commands.

6. Leash / Movement Commands [usable by Slave and All Owners] [Available via the Menu System]

The current leash is: NovaStuddedLeashHandle.v.2
(notice the first 3 commands don't use the leading .dot as these commands are spoken to the leash-handle not the collar.)

myslaves Takes you to your myslaves web control panel.
force tp Shows a button for each of you Nova slaves to force tp to your location.
leash help Takes you to the general Nova Collar help page.

(these .dot commands are spoken to the Nova Collar when near)
.leash  .chain Causes the slave to be leashed. The owner that is leashing them must be wearing the leash holder
.unleash  .unchain Unleashes the slave
.leashdist=[Number] Sets the distance for the leash and follow commands (e.g. for a 10m leash use .leashdist=10) [NEW]

.leash to ~target~
.chain to ~target~

Causes the slave to be leashed to a named object. The name has to be exact, for example .leash to chair would find an object called chair and leash the slave to it. In order for this to work it must be possible to rez objects in the area that the slave is being leashed to an object. Be warned, the leash goes to the center of the object, so if you leash to a tall object it will cause the slave to be lifted off the floor.

The movement commands allow you to control the movement of a slave, from making them go to a person to following them. The value for ~target~ is the first name, full name, partial name or initials of the person that is the target for the movement command.

.goto ~target~ Causes the slave to go to the named person.
.follow ~target~ Causes the slave to follow the named person
.follow me Causes the slave to follow you
.come here Causes the slave to come to you
.go back Causes the slave to go back to their previous position before a movement command was used
.stay Causes the slave to stop following their current target
.look at me Causes the slave to rotate and face their Owner


The person leashing will need to be wearing an Nova Collar leash holder.
Only people that have access to the collar as a Primary or Secondary Owner may use the leash.
You cannot leash to an object called 'Object'.
Only the closest 16 objects to the collar wearer are detected when leashing to an object.
The collar wearer must be able to rez in an area for leashing to an object to work.

7. Rezzable Toys [usable by Slave and All Owners] [Available via the Menu System]

The Nova Collar contains a number of toys that can be rezzed on command. They are temporary in the sense that if the collar wearer logs off they will disappear. In order for the toys to be rezzed you need to be in an area that allows the creation of objects and does not have auto-return switched on.

.reztoy list Lists the available toys in the collar
.reztoy novaball Rezzes the physics based Sub Ball
.reztoy playpillow Rezzes a multipose Cuddle and BDSM sex mat
.reztoy novacross Rezzes a St.Andrews cross
.killtoy Removes all rezzed the toys within chat range (only works for collar wearer)

8. Bondage System [usable by Slave and Primary Owner] [Available via the Menu System]

The bondage cuffs combine submissive poses with a cuff set (either leather or rope) to give chained versions of various poses, in effect a full cuff system. The ropes / chains are automatically linked between the collar and/or cuffs depending on the pose used. There are currently 15 bondage poses.

.bondage <anim> Puts the submissive in the named pose and triggers the rope or chain textures

.bondage help

Lists the avilable bondage animations

.bondage relax

Releases the submissive from bondage

9. Restrained Life [usable by slave and Primary Owner unless restricted to Dominant only]

The slave needs to be using one of the Restrained Life viewers for Secondlife for these commands to work.

.rlv menu Opens the inworld drop down Collar menu
.rlv Opens the rlvSlaver web page

The Restrained Life (RLV) features of this collar are quite oppressive and can lead to REAL emotional damage to the slave if used incorrectly. NEVER 'force' a slave to install Restrained Life and be ABSOLUTELY SURE that they want these features used before they are activated. Only the slave may initially enable restrained life using the .menu buttons, clicking the RLV button to Activate or Block. Once activated, the slaves owner can take away their ability to block it again. 'Slave Beware!'


The Nova collar comes with a safeword, it is:   .safeword

There is also a [Safeword] button on the slaves .options  page
When the safeword is used and if the slave has a Primary owner, they will be notified, the same as anytime an RLV command is used.

The [FreeAll] button on the rlvSlaver webcontrol page should have the same affect.
These commands will not unlock the collar for detaching however. If Dual control is allowed, the rlvSlaver page can be accessed and collar Unlock selected.

Accessing #RLV Folders

Use the collars touch buttons for best #RLV folder control. Touch or use .dot commands to access the button menus:

  (then the [RLV] button)
.rlv menu
  (shortcut to RLV buttons)

Then select [RLV Folders]
This will take you into the slaves #RLV directories. Drill down to the folder or the item and select [Force Wear] or [Force Remove]

These are the directories under the head #RLV folder in their inventory. Make sure the item has the attachment point in its name, like : (mouth) or (wrist). If the item is non-mod and you can't edit the name, then create a folder per item, like:  Cuff L(l forearm)  and place the left cuff into it.

Command Triggers for #RLV folders

You can also set up .commands to trigger an #RLV folder item to force wear or remove, using: .add command or .ac

As an example, the command:   .stfu  has been created to force wear the Nova panel gag which has been placed into the slaves rlv folders when unpacking the collar box, 'by touching it'.

For .stfu to work it needed a command made using the .ac page. The Command is set to:  stfu   and the Action is:  RLV  with the Consequesce of:  @attach:NovaGag=force  

In the #RLV folders a folder has been made:  ~NovaGag and the:  novagag.v2.1(mouth)  gag has been placed therein when you originally clicked the purchased box to unpack your new collar.

You can follow this format to place any item in your #RLV folders and create a trigger command to rez it into place as an attachment.

RLV Slaver page features:

On the rlvSlaver page (or the rlvEnforcer page for Secondary/paymate owners), there are several features that activate RLV commands to the slaves collar inworld. The drop down menu will at times scan what is around or near the inworld slave or perhaps clothing items being worn, and present choices below the selector.

Collar Lock and Unlock Select Locked/Unlocked button and the signal will be sent inworld
RLV Folders Scans and reports selectable items to force wear or remove
TP Destinations Enter the sim and co-ordinance and give it a trigger command.

RLV Force Selector Drop-down
Force Sit Will present a button to scan the area around the slave
Force Unsit Will cause force standing or release from a device
Force Removing Clothes Will present a drop-down with clothes items to remove
Force Removing Attachments Will present a drop-down with Attachments for removing
Force Removing Attachments (alias) Will present a drop-down with Attachment points: chest, arm, etc
Force Teleport Will present a drop-down with the stored TP Destinations
Force Teleport to Dom/me Will cause the slave to TP to their Primary owner

Allow / Prevent Privileges
RLV Control -
Dual or Dominant Only
Dominant Only: Prohibits access to the RLV pages and many other features so the slave can not change settings, else and until then, the slave can free themselves from accessable restrictions.
List of Privileges Toggle the individual Privileges as shown
Free All This should free all restrictions set by the collar, sometimes other devices as well
Lock Down Warning: This is a highly restrictive command, there are zero communications.
No IM's, chat, inv, clicking, TP's -- NOTHING!

Red Command Box

Here you can enter commands directly to the collar, if you use a .dot such as:
.kneel or .chain to singlepost
it will send it like you were near. If know how, you can give correctly structured raw RLV commands, some examples:

  • @sendchat=n
  • @recvim=y
  • @tplure=n
  • @remoutfit:pants=force
For a complete study and list:

If you enter words without a starting .dot or @ rlv symbol, then the text will speak from the collar as if the slave were saying it. Used in conjunction with the monitoring feature sending IM's a remote conversation can be established through the slave.

10. Moods [usable by Slave only]

The mood system allows you to set your current mood. For most moods there is an initial animation followed by your face being animated every few seconds. Only the collar wearer can set their mood.

.mood off Cancel all current moods
.mood help List all moods
.mood happy Sets your mood to happy
.mood laughing Sets your mood to laughing
.mood crying Sets your mood to crying
.mood worried Sets your mood to worried
.mood afraid Sets your mood to afraid
.mood angry Sets your mood to angry
.mood surprised Sets your mood to surprised
.mood repulsed Sets your mood to repulsed
.mood bored Sets your mood to bored

11. Emotions [usable by Slave only]

When set to on the collar scans what you type / emote and reacts with animations. For example if you type /me claps your avatar will respond by clapping it's hands. We deliberately haven't listed the key words / emotes that cause your avatar to be animated, it's more fun that way :). Only the collar wearer can turn emotions on / off.

.emotions on Turn automatic emotions on
.emotions off Turn automatic emotions off

12. Style Options [usable by Slave only]

The collar is Copy/Modify, so first make a copy of the collar before re-styling.
The styling for each collar is accessed by right clicking the collar and editing. Make sure to click the option/s 'Edit Linked' (especially) or 'Select Face' (if needed). Then left click the prim and/or face to be styled. Select color, or brightness, or texture to style that prim/face. Changing the size or position of the individual prim is accomplished this way also. If you don't isolate the change this way, then whole collar will change and all prims affected. Styling can be done by the collar wearer only.

13. Accessing the Online Interface [usable by Slave and Primary Owner]

The main web control dash for the Domanant or slave is accessed by the commands shown below.

.report  .myslaves
Use to get slave profiles (reports from every nearby slave, so in groups use name or initials: wendi report)
The myslaves command without the .dot is used on the leash handle to access the slave profiles when distant.
.options Used by the slave to view or change their collar options
Touch the collar Accessing the collars button menu with a touch or saying .menu
will also show a [mySlaves] or [Options] button appropriatly.

If a Dom uses the report command on a slave, for example:    jane report  or  jbreport  or  .report
the Dom will get their own Slave Manager page loaded with that slaves info and all of their slaves links ready. 

If a slave uses the .options command their personal options page will load.

If the Dom is not near a slave or if not inworld, goto: login.php
Login as a Domanant or slave as appropiate and this will take you your Dash as the above .commands
or  (if inworld)
Just use the    myslaves    command (without the .dot) in chat to the leash handle to access the slave profiles

14. Adding Animations

You can add animations to the collar by rezzing it on the ground, then edit, open the contents contents tab and then sliding the animation in from your inventory. The new animation will then be available as a command, for example if you add an animation called 'leashme' then the command .leashme will activate the animation.

Do not add an animation if the name of that animation exists as a command in the collar ('leash' for example).
Do not rez your collar on the ground if there are currently asset server issues in Second Life.
If a non-copy animation is added to your collar then your collar will become non-copy too.
If you are adding AO animation you will need to read the section on the Animation Overrider.
A person with modify rights can add transferrable animations to your collar but will lose ownership of that animation when they do.
It may take several minutes for the animation you add to appear in your collar. Be patient.
If you are adding couples animations you will need to use the knowledge management system to teach the collar how to use them

15. Collar Menu

The menu is a convenient way of quicky accessing some of the collar's feature at the click of a button.

  .menu Launch the main collar menu
  .rlv menu Launch the RLV collar menu
  .rlv Launch the RLV web slaver

If you need quick keyboard access to the menu then you can create a gesture to launch it.

16. Advanded Titler [Can be used by Slave. Slave can grant Owner permission to use]

The Advanced titler allows you to display text above the head of the collar wearer.

.titler <text> Set the current title text. Use the | character to signify a new line (e.g. .titler Line1|Line2|Line3|Line4)

.titlercolor <color>

Change the text colour. Valid colors are red, green, black, white, cyan, orange, pink, purple (e.g. .textcolor purple)


Turn the titler off


Turn the titler on


List the current saved message in all memory slots


Save the current title in the numbered memory slot (e.g. .titlersave1)
.titlerload<number> Load the title in the numbered memory slot (e.g. .titlerload1)


Sets single control mode (only the slave can use the titler)


Sets dual control mode (both the slave and owner(s) can use the titler)


Sets total control mode (only the owner(s) can use the titler or change control modes). Total control mode can only ever be set by the slave


At present all titler memory and use is collar specific.
This means that each of your Nova Collars has it's own settings for the titler.
Database storage for titler settings and memory will be introduced in later versions.

18. Command Management [usable by Slave and Primary Owner]

Commands can be added to the collar database, use 'add command' or ( .ac) and you will be taken to a web page. In use, the collar checks the database list first before its internal list, so standard commands like 'stand' or 'follow me', or any commands for that matter, can be changed to just the way you with to say it.
Use 'edit command' or .ec, to change your new commands.

For expanded explanation  Click here --->

Creating Artificial Intelligence Triggers and Commands

.list commands .lc simple list of your Private and Public commands
.add command .ac whole sentence or command (without parsing sentence)
.edit command .ec sends you to the Command Manager for entire edit list
.edit command for + [command]   edit command on the fly - ie.  .edit command for kneel
.list phrases .lp list of all your Private and Public phrases
.add phrase .ap for complex parsing - using target names or objects
ie.  hug ~target~
.edit phrase [phrase] .ep edit phrase on the fly - ie.  .edit phrase for .where is

19. Animation Override  ZHAO-II [usable by Slave and All Owners] [Available via the Menu System]

Left click the collar and slide a new animation into the content area if needed. 
Type the name of the animation used for the override into the 'default' notecard where appropriate.
For alternative override notecards, slide new notecard in (make sure the newcardname is all lower case and keep the name small (12max), it needs to fit on a dialog menu button.) and say: .aoload*notecardname
Use new format for creating alt ao notecards, using single line entries seperated by the | symbol (no spaces around anim names): 
    [ Walking ]Walkf1|sexywalk|DorkyWalk1
    [ Sitting ]CrossLeggedSit|FemaleSit1
Up to 12 walks, sits and ground-sits.  Open the "default" notecard for example.  Add as many stands as you want, until the script runs out of memory, will say:  0% memory free, while loading.

.aoon turns on AO
.aooff turns off AO
.aositon turns on sitting AO's
.aositoff turns off sitting AO's
.aonextstand shifts to next stand listed
.aorandomstands random shifting between stands
.aosequentialstands sequential shifting between stands
.aowalks drops down a dialog of listed walks for selection
.aosits drops down a dialog of listed sit animations for selection
.aogroundsits drops down a dialog of listed groundsits for selection
.aosettings shows current AO settings in chat window
.aoreset resets just the AO script
.aoload*<notecardname> loads a specific notecard ie.    .aoload*puppy    (use lower case card names)
.aostandtime*<time> sets the time for shifting between stands ie.     .aostandtime*10
Valid AO Sets When loading AO sets with text commands the following notecard names should be used:

     default  (the default card is the same as female)
     male     (swap the male notecard as default if prefered)
     kamala  (example: add your own anims here to experiment)

20. Additional Nova Collar features [usable by Slave and Primary Owner]

Hide Collar

.hide collar
.show collar

This will also hide the cuffs.

Add TP Command

.add tp <command trigger>

A special inworld command for automatically adding to the TP Destinations page from inworld.
1> Position the slave at the point you want them to be force TP'd to.
2> Decide on the trigger command, if in the bedroom perhaps: go to your room
3> Chat the command: .add tp go to your room

The Nova collar will scan and calculate the global world position and store it into the TP Destinations
database with the trigger command. The list is viewable from the TP Destinations link on the rlvSlaver web control page
or by saying:  .tp destinations  while inworld.

You can now say:
wendi go to your room  or  .go to your room
The rlvSlaver web control page drop-down selector:  Force-Teleport  will now list the command when selected.

Meet and Greet Controls

(remember, if your a Dom, a dot command affects a whole group; use names or initials)
Awareness: this is a radar driven system for general awareness of who is near and how to respond to them.

.beaware turns on awareness .beaware   .be aware   jane be aware
.beunaware turns off awareness .beunaware   .be unaware   jane be unaware
.awareness=10 sets radar range .awareness=(max.96)   jp awareness=10
.whosehere list of detected avatars after .beaware .whosehere   .whose here   jane whose here
Greeting Controls (greets only once)
.greet says greeting to new arrival .greet    .greeton  .greet everyone   jane greet everyone
.greeting= sets the greeting to something .greeting=greetings    will say: greetings jane   (set to: greeting + first name)
.greetoff Stops greeting people .greetoff   .stop greeting    jane stop greeting
.resethist reset greeting/meeting history .resethist   .reset history
Going to new people
.meet walks to each new arrival .meet    .meeton   . meet everyone     jane meet everyone
.meetoff stops going to people .meetoff    .stop meeting     jane stop meeting
Announce New People
.announce announce arrivals outloud .announce    .announce whose here    jane announce whose here
.stopannouncing stop announcing arrivals .stopannouncing    .stop announcing    jane stop announcing

Give Inventory

To give inventory to another avatar on command, first place object, script or notecard into the collar.
Next, use the .addphrase (.ap) command to create a parsed phrase.
In the 'First-Phrase' field type: .give (inv.object in collar) to     (or anyway you like to say, not nesc. to say object item)
then, select 'GiveInventory' for the Action and the actual inv.object in collar name for the Response.

First-Phrase: give hand-cuffs to
Action: 'GiveInventory'
Response: LockGuardHandCuffSet

Nova Panel Gag

As of v.3.94, the Nova Collar comes with a Panel gag that installs into the slaves #RLV folders called ~NovaGag
A Public command has previously been set up called:  .stfu  
This will trigger the gag to be force attached and 'lock' onto the slaves mouth, as well as the blindfold HUD to the center of the screen in a clear state.
The gag will be in affect immeadiately and chat will be forbidden. Slave Beware: Release can only be initiated by ones owners.

Additional Nova Panel Gag Commands

.remove gag      Only the slaves Owners can use this command

  Touch button controls for slave Owners

[Lock]/[Unlock] The Nova Panel Gag locks on when worn, click [Unlock] to allow slave to detach the gag.
[Blindfold]/[RemoveBlind] When first worn the blindfold is not attached and the HUD is clear, click [Blindfold] to cause the blindfold to appear over the slaves eyes. The blindfold HUD will also go 98% dark over their screen, allowing only the slightest shadows.
[No IM]/[Allow IM] When first worn, IM's are allowed. When the slave owner clicks [No IM] all sending or receiving of IM's will stop 'except for' the owner that clicked.
[Silence]/[Speak] When first worn, chat is not allowed. These buttons toggle public speaking by the slave.
[RemoveAll] Clears all restrictions and detaches gag and blindfold HUD.
/me safeword As a safeguard against a slave being seriously locked down, alone or abandoned a safeword can be used as an emote. The slaves owner will be IM'd when this safeword is used, the same as all RLV commands used.

slaves last Warning: this is the last resort to remove the gag, if you are in total lock down from other sources and emoting is also blocked.. you may have to resort to extrordinary measures to remove this severe gagging device.

21. Troubleshooting

The Nova collar contains very complex scripts and is dependant on Secondlife performance in order to function well. We've all seen how performance issues in Secondlife affect scripted object and items, the Nova Collar is no different in that respect. Most errors with the collar will right themselves given a little time (it's usually issues with SL that cause it).

General Diagnostic process:

Click here for Trouble Tickets, Tech Support and General Questions

Before you report a problem or ask for help perform the following steps and retry the collar after each one until it works:

1) For password issues when accessing the website see the Forgotten your Password or Didn't Set One? section below
2) If the collar is not responding at all see the Collar Not Responding At All? section below
3) For movement issues see the Having Movement Problems? section below
4) For AO problems see the AO Problemssection below
5) Remove and rewear the collar
6) Ensure the collar wearer is using current SL client (not Restrained Life etc)
7) Both people should relog (the person wearing the collar and the person the commands are interacting with)
8) Move to another sim
9) Check the secondlife blog for known issues with SL:
10) Perform the General Reset shown below
11) Perform the Alternative General Reset shown below

General Reset:

1) Wear your collar
2) Right click the collar and select 'Edit' from the radial menu
3) Select the tools menu at the top of your screen and then select 'Reset all scripts in selection'
4) Wait for the pop-up window to say all scripts have reset ('Done')
5) Remove your collar
6) Wear your collar

Alternative General Reset (if a problem persists):

1) Rez your collar on the ground
2) Right click the collar and select 'Edit' from the radial menu
3) Select the tools menu at the top of your screen and then select 'Set all scripts to not running in selection'
4) Wait for the pop-up window to say all scripts have reset ('Done')
5) Select the tools menu at the top of your screen and then select 'Set all scripts to running in selection'
6) Wait for the pop-up window to say all scripts have reset ('Done')
7) Select the tools menu at the top of your screen and then select 'Reset all scripts in selection'
8) Wait for the pop-up window to say all scripts have reset ('Done')
9) Pick up your collar
10) Wear your collar

Forgotten your Password or Didn't Set One?

To be reminded of your password type .remind password
To reset your password type .change password

Dialogs and IMs will appear guiding you through the process.

Collar Not Responding At All?

Check the name of your collar and ensure it only contains alphanumeric characters and ( or ). If your collar contains certain punctuation or non-english characters then communications with our server will fail due to limitations with XMLRPC. Most commonly this problem is caused by people remanimg their collar to something like Jane's Collar (the apostrophe stops communications).

Having Movement Problems?

Assuming you have tried the reset procedures shown above if movement problems persist try the following:

Anti-push scripts, movement locks scripts and certain HUDs/Gadgets in SL like Mystitool will interfere with the collars ability to move the avatar. Never add any scripts to the collar that restrict movement and if you are experiencing problems remove all other huds and attachments.

Sometimes SL loses track of an avatar and therefore scripts that use the avatar as a target fail (for example .leash, .follow me and .come here), in this situation the person who is the target of the script should relog which will re-register their avatar on SL.

AO Problems

External AOs and sexy walk replacers etc will interfere with the operation of the collar's AO and animations. Ensure that you either have your extrernal AO or the collars built-in AO switched off. External AOs will over-ride the animations in the collar, this is why they are called Animation Overriders. If you use an external AO you will need to switch it off when using the collar.

Try a new copy of the collar collar

If you have either the standard Nova collar then the collar is copyable. You can re-rez the box and get another copy of the collar out and wear that.

Floating above the ground with poses

All SL animations are affected by a number of factors. The main one that affects kneeling poses is that when you wear high heels is that you float above the ground by the same distance as the height of your heel prims. The other factor is that poses don't adjust for how tall you are, which can make some people appear to float and others appear to have their lower legs in the ground. Linden Labs don't provide any method of adjusting pose heights within scripts unless a poseball is used.

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Collar Features ::


  • New BDSM Kneeling Poses
  • New BDSM Display Poses
  • New Couples Animations
  • 73 Good Quality Poses
  • Web Based Collar Interface
  • Mood System (Show your current mood)
  • Automatic Emotions (Reacts to your chat and animates you)
  • Advanced Text Titler (Display text over the slave's head)
  • Advanced Leashing System
  • Stack Multiple Commands
  • Can Learn New Commands
  • Restrained Life Compatible
  • Built In Bondage System (Includes Cuffs)
  • Advanced Cage
  • Advanced Monitoring - Including:
    • Chat Monitoring
    • Sensor System (See who is near the slave)
    • Teleport Notification
    • Teleport Logging
  • Full Built In Animation Overrider
  • Commercial Grade AO Sets
  • Free Lifetime Updates